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We (Max and Liz) started How to Practice Yoga with a vision - to bring high-quality, affordable yoga classes to everyone. Yoga has transformed our lives and we want to share it to the world! Here on our platform, we have some of our very favorite instructors, world-renowned instructors, and some of our favorite local instructors, curated just for you.

Max’s yoga story:
When I was 14, my mom forced me to come home early 3x a week from basketball for yoga. I hated it, thought it was both foolish and embarrassing, as well as bummed that I was not with my friends. THANK YOU MOM!! After only a few months my rebellious teenage self started to see the benefits and actually began to look forward to doing it (mostly because I was way better than all my brothers and could rub it in their faces 🤣)

Fast forward to college and I realized yoga was actually something girls were into. Score 😏I did it on and off until I got a steady girlfriend then abandoned it 😅

However, right before I graduated college, at the peak of my inflexibility (both mentally and physically), my mom again saved the day and sent me a video of a young Yogini doing some powerful armabalances. This is when my life changed forever. I saw someone who could be impressively strong and flexible. I was inspired

After college, I started doing yoga 1-4x per day for the physical benefits and ended up tearing and hamstring and rotator cuff. This coincided with the darkest time of my life, which led me to the 8 limbs of yoga, and showed me yoga as a way of life, not a physical practice. I am forever grateful for this dark and painful place I entered because it showed me more light and grace than even before.

I ended up doing my yoga teacher training and falling in love with AcroYoga, which I also got my teacher training in. I then traveled the world with my beautiful wife @miz.liz @healwithmaxandliz teaching workshops, retreats, and festivals, with an emphasis on anatomy and hand-balancing.

Yoga has changed my stressed, anxious, reactive and aggressive life into one of calmness, where I can choose my response to whatever life throws at me.

Liz’s yoga story:

The year I found yoga (or rather, the year yoga found me)
I was a competitive swimmer in high school and decided not to pursue it in college, so the summer before college, I searched for YouTube workouts to keep in shape after the season ended -
I found some YouTube yoga sessions and practiced in my room that summer with a $15 target yoga mat because I was too apprehensive to go to an actual class
It began as a workout, trying to “get” each move like the next goal
But through each movement, each class, each savasana, each year, each life transition -
I learned to breathe through difficult poses + situations
Let go with more grace
Flow with more ease
And above all, connect with my whole self on the mat, so that I could connect with others off the mat.

What's your yoga story? We'd love to hear it!

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"Whether I was a 45 min 'sweaty' class or a simple 15 minute stretch flow, it's easy to find in the app. And i love all the teachers I've seen so far! Tons of variety. Can't beat the price too - cheaper than one class at a studio."

- Yoga Viking

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