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Watch this video and more on How to Practice Yoga

Watch this video and more on How to Practice Yoga

Unlock your Potential (LIVE BREATHWORK CLASS 06/24/20)

21 Day Sculpt Challenge • 45m

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  • YogaSculpt: Booty Booty Booty

    Day 15: YogaSculpt: Booty Booty Booty with Missy Fresques

    Welcome to SCULPT of the 21 day sculpt challenge! Are you ready to sweat? In this 30 minute Yoga Sculpt Class, you will be guided through a series of yoga postures as well as strength-training movements to help build lean muscle. This cla...

  • HIIT Yoga: Toned Legs

    Day 16: HIIT Yoga: Toned Legs with Kate Alvarado

    Welcome to the HIIT of the 21 day sculpt challenge! In this 30 minute class, yoga meets high intensity interval training. This class mixes dynamic yoga postures, cardio, and weight training with moments of pause and lots of breath. Weights are op...

  • Vinyasa: Strong Flow

    Day 17: Vinyasa: Strong Flow with Hiro Landazuri

    Welcome to the FLOW of the 21 day sculpt challenge. We believe in rest days, but for this challenge, our rest day is set to flow. In this 50 minute class, you'll breathe into the soreness made from the Sculpt and HIIT flows, while challenging oppo...