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Watch this video and more on How to Practice Yoga

Watch this video and more on How to Practice Yoga

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Posture Breakdown: Shoulder Stand

HTPY: Tutorials • 7m 57s

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    Ready to get twisty? Compass pose, or Parivrtta Surya Yantrasana, is a deep shoulder, hip, and hamstring opener that can be quite a puzzle to get into. Join Martina Rando as she breaks down the posture cue by cue, and shares her favorite tips to get into this pose safely.

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    Ready to open your heart? Flow safely into wheel pose under the careful tutelage of flexibility guru Martina Rando.

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    For most people, crow pose is the gateway arm balance that unlocks the confidence needed to begin an inversion practice. Join De’Andre as he breaks down bakasana step by step and gives you the tools to find the pose safely.